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2 Pallets Industrial Vacuum Cooling Equipment 2600*1400*2200mm

ভাল মানের Seawater ফ্রাক আইস মেশিন বিক্রয়ের জন্য
ভাল মানের Seawater ফ্রাক আইস মেশিন বিক্রয়ের জন্য
আমি খুব ভাল মানের বরফ মেশিন নয় শুধুমাত্র আপনার LIER কোম্পানীর সাথে সহযোগিতা আনন্দিত, কিন্তু ভাল সেবা। আমরা একটি দীর্ঘ সময় সহযোগিতা আশা করি।

—— Mr, Ahmed Mujah

Good quality with good price, LIER is the best choice.

—— Mr. Meupa Dayou

LIER is the excelent flake, tube and block ice machines manufacturer .

—— Rodolfo Barrios

লিয়র কোম্পানি 10 বছর জন্য বরফ মেশিন প্রস্তুত করা হয়েছে। স্থিতিশীল মেশিন মানের সঙ্গে, দ্রুত বরফ উত্পাদন, এবং প্রতিদিন যথেষ্ট বরফ উত্পাদন, LIER সবসময় আমার ভাল অংশীদার হয়েছে।

—— প্রিমিটিভো গস্লাইন

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2 Pallets Industrial Vacuum Cooling Equipment 2600*1400*2200mm

চীন 2 Pallets Industrial Vacuum Cooling Equipment 2600*1400*2200mm সরবরাহকারী
2 Pallets Industrial Vacuum Cooling Equipment 2600*1400*2200mm সরবরাহকারী 2 Pallets Industrial Vacuum Cooling Equipment 2600*1400*2200mm সরবরাহকারী

বড় ইমেজ :  2 Pallets Industrial Vacuum Cooling Equipment 2600*1400*2200mm

পণ্যের বিবরণ:

Place of Origin: Guangdong,China
পরিচিতিমুলক নাম: LIER
সাক্ষ্যদান: CE /ISO /SGS
Model Number: LRC-1000-2P


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
মূল্য: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Shipped by container
Delivery Time: 20days
Payment Terms: L/C,, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 20 set per momth
বিস্তারিত পণ্যের বর্ণনা
processing capacity per circle: 1000kg per circle Product weight: 800-1000kg
Total power: 39kw power supply: 220V-600V/3P
Inside Chamber: 2600*1400*2200mm Target temp.: 0-10
System type: closed system Fan type: sigle -speed fan
Cooliong system: water cooling Compressor: Bitzer
After-sales service: Engineers available to service overseas Warranty: 1 year after receiving B/L
PLC: LG Noise: with low noise
লক্ষণীয় করা:

Vacuum Chiller


Precool Cold Storage

2 pallets vegetable fast cooling mahcine /vacuum cooling equipment

Introductionn of vacuum fruit cooler


1. This fruit vegetable processing machines cools fresh produce based on the principle of evaporation cooling: The moisture evaporates and takes heat away from the fresh produce when the atmospheric pressure is reduced below the boiling temperature of water.
2. Produce with a large surface area to mass ratio (such as iceberg lettuce) are well suited for this cooling method and can be cooled on a large scale by putting them in air-tight chambers and pumping out air using vacuum pumps. This method can cool packed produce quickly and uniformly in large loads (usually in 20 to 40 minutes)

3. Three types of condenser systems can be chosen for cooling down the cold medium:

  • Air condenser: The simplest construction, suitable for small system. Easy to integrate.
  • Water condenser: Low cost, efficient and easy to install. Perfect for most of climates.
  • Evaporative condenser: Optimal system for dry climates, or if water availability is limited.
LIER vacuum cooler machine
Model Processing capacity Inside Chamber Power Electricity Type Product Weight
LR-500-1P 500kg 1400*1400*2000mm 31kw 220V-660V/3P 300-500kg
LR-1000-2P 1000kg 2600*1400*2200mm 39kw 220V-660V/3P 800-1000kg
LR-1500-3P 1500kg 3900*1400*2200mm 47kw 220V-660V/3P 1200-1500kg
LR-2000-4P 2000kg 5200*1400-*2200mm 72kw 220V-660V/3P 1500-2000kg
LR-3000-6P 3000kg 6500*1400*2200mm 98kw 220V-660V/3P 2300-3000kg
LR-4000-8P 4000kg 5300*2600*2200mm 121kw 220V-660V/3P 3200-4000kg
LR-5000-10P 5000kg 6600*2600*2200mm 145kw 220V-660V/3P 4200-5000kg
LR-6000-12P 6000kg 7900*2600*2200mm 166kw 220V-660V/3P 5200-6000kg


Application of vacuum fruit cooler


Leafy vegetables like (iceberg) lettuce, spinach etc. The process also works perfectly for field-packed produce, as long as (micro) perforated film is being used. For more “solid” vegetables ranging from (Chinese) cabbage and broccoli to carrots, the cooling down process might take (considerable) more time, but the result in shelf life increase can be more than substantial.

For fruits (like strawberries) and mushrooms, it is most important that the produce is cooled down very shortly after harvesting. Fresh cut flowers are a different field of application. Special systems adapted to processing aircraft containers have b

een made successfully in the past.


Features of Vacuum cooler machine:

Green Cooling: Energy saving &Optimal cooling efficiency
Radily Cooling: From 30°C to 3°C in 20-30 Minutes
Extend Shelf Life: Stay freshness and Nutrition Longer
Accurated Control: PLC combine with sensitive sensors&valves
Easy Operation Design: Automatic Control work with touch screen
Reliable Parts: Busch/Leybold/Elmo Rietschle/Bitzer/Danfoss/Johnson/Schneider/LS


2 Pallets Industrial Vacuum Cooling Equipment 2600*1400*2200mm



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